Recognize & Encourage Talent: The A V Rama Rao Research Foundation is engaged in identifying and encouraging scientific talent in India. The foundation helps provide a forum for learning and discussing all aspects associated chemical science organic chemistry by organizing annual lectures and seminars at various locations in the country.

Young Scientist Award : The young Scientist award is to promote and encourage excellence in the field of science and technology

List of Winners
Year Young Scientist Award
2003 Dr. Vivek Ranade (NCL, Pune)
2004 Dr. S Chandrasekhar (IICT, Hyd.)
2005 Dr. Purnananda (IMTechnology Chandigarh)
2006 Dr. Faiz A Khan (IIT, Kanpur)
2007 Dr. D K Mohapatra (NCL, Pune)
2008 Dr. B V Subba Reddy (IICT, Hyd.)
2009 Dr. Hotha Srinivas (NCL, Pune)
2010 Dr. Ch. Raji Reddy (IICT, Hyd.) & Dr. Souvik Maiti (CSIR, Delhi)
2013 Dr. Tapan Kanti Paine (IACS, Kolkata) & Dr. Nitin Patil (IICT, Hyd.)
2014 Dr. Debabrata Maiti (IIT, Mumbai) & Dr. P Srihari (IICT, Hyd.)
2015 Dr. Dattatraya H. Dethe (IIT, Kanpur) & Dr. Suryaprakash Singh (IICT, Hyd.)
2016 Dr. Gopalan Ramarajan (IIT, Mumbai) & Dr. T Govindaraju (JNCASR, Bengaluru)
Promoting Innovation and Science : Avra is striving to promote innovation and education in the field of science and technology by contributing to the NGOs and Institutions.

C N R Rao Education Research Foundation
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Telangana Academy of Sciences

Other Institutions Funding :
Hyderabad Eye Research foundation
Sports Coaching Foundation