Corporate Social Responsibility : is an integral part of our philosophy and is instilled in our vision, our strategies and management goals. Throughout the years we have focused on growth whilst respecting the environment and being engaged with our communities.

Social : The organization recognizes the importance of the society it operates in and has been involved in initiatives focused on sustainable development.

Education initiative : Avra Laboratories support education around its Units to children from less privileged sections of society. It provides school infrastructure, books, uniforms, and allied support.

Adopted a Government Primary and High school near Mallapur in Hyderabad.
Adopted Government Primary Schools in Thimmapur and Kesavpur.

Through this initiative over 1000 students are being assisted every year.
We aim to extend 'every child in school and learning' through our initiatives by enabling and ensuring quality education in the most remote parts of the country to the maximum number of beneficiaries. We believe that the power of education can only be realised with a combined progress of schools, teachers and students.