Avra’s primary focus is to provide synthetic chemistry services that include route identification and optimization to enable preparation of compounds on a multi-gram to multi-ton scale.

This service offering is related to developing commercially viable and competitive routes to manufacture key starting materials, advanced intermediates and APIs that may involve multi-step manufacturing processes. The objectives of process optimization services are to significantly reduce the cost and maintain high consistency in manufacturing processes whilst ensuring a high level of purity. The company can also perform commercial scale manufacturing (toll) of specific intermediates /APIs on behalf of originator companies.
Having been working for over two decades on various CRAMS related projects, Avra has experience in the synthesis of a broad range of structurally diverse chemical entities
The company has expertise in handling cryogenic reactions and can perform cross-coupling reactions and carbonylation reactions on a large scale
Avra has capabilities in chiral synthesis and separations which have been demonstrated in the large scale synthesis of complex products such as Camptothecin derivatives and Prostaglandins
Avra has collaborations with big pharma partners and has assisted in preparing Regulatory Starting Materials and Advanced Intermediates for their phase 2, phase 3 and also launch quantities
During the course of its evolution from a small CRO to a CMO, Avra has worked on projects with several clients having stringent technical and quality requirements