Dr. A V Rama Rao (Founder, Chairman and Managing Director)
Rama Rao is an eminent Indian scientist with over 35 years experience in research and leadership. He was the former Director of the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) – a premier chemical research organization within the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India. His work on the isolation, structure elucidation of natural products and the syntheses of complex natural products is described in 262 research papers and 30 patents. He developed over 50 drug technologies that have been commercialized by the pharmaceutical industry.Rama Rao was bestowed with the title of “Padmashri” in 1991 and later in 2016 was given the “Padmabhushan” by the President of India.

Dr. R Ramakrishna (Executive Director)
Ramakrishna’s expertise lies in the design and early stage planning of projects and infrastructure development along with strategic sourcing of raw materials. He is responsible for implementing Avra's quality policies and systems based on cGMP guidelines. His scientific interests include process design and engineering leading to the development of non-infringing patentable routes for the synthesis of various APIs in a cost effective manner. He has completed M. Sc. (Industrial Chemistry), MBA and PhD (Organic Chemistry).

Dr. Chandra Ramarao (Chief Operating Officer)
Chandra is responsible for the research, business and corporate development activities at Avra. He completed his PhD from Cambridge University under the supervision of Prof. Ian Fleming and continued in Cambridge as a post-doc working in Prof. S V Ley’s group. His scientific interests include route identification enabling development of innovative processes that are commercially viable with minimal impact to the environment.

Scientific Advisory Board
Prof. Steven V. Ley - BP (1702) Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Cambridge
Prof Ley’s work involves discovery and development of new synthetic methods and their application to biologically active systems. His scientific work described in over 600 papers has been recognized by 32 major prizes and awards. In 1990 he was elected to the Royal Society (London) and was the President of the Royal Society of Chemistry from 2002-2003.

Prof. Martin Smith - Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Oxford
Prof Martin Smith obtained his undergraduate and doctoral degrees at the University of Oxford before working with Steve Ley at the University of Cambridge. He was appointed to a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2003 and moved to the University of Oxford as a University Lecturer in Organic Chemistry in 2008. His group work on catalytic asymmetric synthesis, electrocyclic reactions, hydrogen bonding and total synthesis.

Prof. Darren J. Dixon - Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Oxford
Prof Darren Dixon obtained his first degree and D. Phil from the University of Oxford followed by a post-doc at Cambridge University. In 2000 he was appointed to the staff of the Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University and later in 2008 he was appointed to a University Lectureship at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford. The current research programmer of the Dixon group are centered on asymmetric catalysis, new reaction discovery, new reaction cascade development and their application to the total synthesis of complex natural products.