Avra is the first company to develop a commercial total synthetic route for the large scale production of Camptothecin derivatives such as Irinotecan (WO/2012/032531 A1, WO/2007/015259 A2) and Topotecan.

Its patented procedures allow for production of these APIs with significantly higher levels of drug purity compared to the existing product forms. Avra supplies Irinotecan intermediates to various domestic and international pharma companies. The company is also developing novel processes for other generic drugs.

Avra has continually invested in its containment technology, controls to ensure safe handling of high potency materials

Avra has segregated high containment facilities and production areas for early stage development, scale-up and commercial manufacture of high-potency drug substance and drug products, with occupational exposure limits (OEL) ranging from 10 μg/m3 down to 1 μg/m3

The company has specialty of handling reactions involving Carbon monoxide on commercial scale.
Reaction scheme involving CO

Capacity for handling of CO
500L reactor with 10Kg pressure.
1.3Kl reactor with 6Kg pressure.
1.6Kl reactor with 6Kg pressure.
2.23Kl reactor with 10Kg pressure.
Presently largest scale of handling of such reaction is ~180Kg with 2Kg pressure.
The reactors are placed under isolated shade with automated operations at Vizag.
License is obtained from PESO for storage of 40 cylinders of 7Kg capacity and uses of Carbon monoxide.